CVS System Update – Coupon Grace Periods Have Ended at CVS | Couponing at CVS in 2024

This year has witnessed substantial changes in CVS’s couponing policies, with yet another noteworthy update recently communicated to CVS leadership. Drawing from my 13 years of experience in couponing at CVS, one of the notable advantages has been the ability to utilize coupons, particularly CVS store coupons and ExtraBucks, even if they had reached their expiration date. However, as per the latest memo, this functionality has been disabled within the CVS system effective December 14, marking a significant shift in the couponing landscape. Consequently, it is now imperative for CVS patrons to adhere to coupon expiration dates diligently, as the grace period for utilizing expired CVS coupons has been officially terminated.

Here’s a summary of the memo above, if it is hard to decipher due to the size:

In September, CVS implemented a system update aimed at enhancing the coupon validation process. This update brought real-time validation for printed manufacturer coupons, aligning the experiences for both digital and printed coupons with the existing coupon policy. As a continuation of this effort, CVS is now deploying an additional update to eliminate the grace period for printed CVS coupons, aiming to create a uniform experience consistent with the company's coupon policy.

Key Points for Front Store Teams:

No Changes to CVS Coupon Policy:

The CVS Coupon Policy remains unchanged. The fundamental principle is that expired coupons are not accepted.
Uniform Treatment for Coupons:

Previously, manufacturer coupons (MFR) and digital CVS coupons lost eligibility after the expiration date, while paper CVS coupons had a grace period of 2 days beyond the expiration date.
This created disparate experiences for customers, which is inconsistent with CVS's policy of not accepting expired coupons.

Coupon Redemption Process:

Colleagues still have the authority to perform coupon overrides using the coupon issue button when appropriate.
However, overrides should be considered as exceptions and only after explaining the company's policy to the customer.

Communication and Awareness:

It is crucial to ensure that all colleagues are aware of these changes.
Colleagues should be comfortable explaining the CVS Coupon Policy to customers, emphasizing that the policy remains the same and that the system updates are designed to enforce existing rules.
Key Dates:

Now - December 14:
The system update, aimed at eliminating the grace period for printed CVS coupons, is being deployed during this period.

CVS's commitment to providing a consistent and transparent coupon experience is evident in the recent system updates. By aligning the treatment of various coupons and eliminating grace periods, CVS aims to streamline the customer experience while reinforcing its commitment to the existing coupon policy. Front Store Teams play a crucial role in communicating these changes to customers and ensuring a smooth transition during this update period.