Walgreens my W Days – Over $100 Walgreens Cash rewards offers available all week | July 23 through July 29 – Get excited!

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Are you a myWalgreens member looking to score some fantastic deals and exclusive rewards? Well, get ready for an exciting week of savings and benefits at Walgreens! From July 23 to July 29, myW Days is back with a bang, offering incredible bonuses and daily deals that you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re shopping for everyday essentials, beauty products, or even looking to open a myWalgreens credit card, this week-long event has something special for everyone. Let’s dive into the details and discover the amazing opportunities that await during myW Days at Walgreens!

What is myW Days?
myW Days is a special event at Walgreens that runs for an entire week, packed with exclusive rewards and discounts available only to myWalgreens members. If you’re not already a member, don’t worry – joining is easy, and it’s free! myWalgreens is a unique personalized experience that aims to make saving, shopping, and taking care of your well-being more convenient and rewarding.

All-Week Offers:
During myW Days, from July 23 to 29, myWalgreens members can enjoy a range of fantastic bonuses – CLIP THEM ALL HERE:

  1. Earn 25% Walgreens Cash Rewards on All Purchases: For every purchase you make during myW Days, you’ll receive 25% of the purchase amount back in Walgreens Cash rewards. This means substantial savings on everything you buy!
  2. $20 Walgreens Cash Rewards on Utilizing Three myW Days Offers: By taking advantage of at least three myW Days offers, members will receive an additional $20 in Walgreens Cash rewards. So, the more you participate, the more you earn!
  3. 5% Walgreens Cash Rewards on Eligible Pharmacy Purchases: Members can benefit from 5% Walgreens Cash rewards on eligible pharmacy purchases, making managing your health more rewarding than ever.
  4. $50 Walgreens Cash Rewards for myWalgreens Credit Cardholders: If you open a myWalgreens credit card during myW Days and make your first purchase within 45 days of account opening, you’ll receive $50 in Walgreens Cash rewards. It’s a win-win deal!

Daily Deals:
Each day of myW Days brings exciting daily deals across the store, providing even more opportunities to save big:

  1. Sunday, July 23 – Personalized Rewards: Receive 20% Walgreens Cash rewards on your top-shopped category, based on your past spend history. Simply check the Walgreens app or Walgreens.com for your personalized offer.
  2. Monday, July 24 – Food and Beverage: Get $10 Walgreens Cash rewards when you spend $20 on groceries, snacks, and beverages. Stock up on your favorite treats and essentials!
  3. Tuesday, July 25 – Walgreens Mobile App Exclusive: Clip the offer on the mobile app and get $15 Walgreens Cash rewards when you spend $35 or more on in-app purchases available for shipping, 30-Minute Pickup, or 1-Hour Delivery.
  4. Wednesday, July 26 – Online Discounts: Enjoy 25% off a $20 purchase with code WAG25 or 30% off a $60 purchase with code WAG30. Additionally, get free one-hour delivery on a $20 purchase with code DELIVER20.
  5. Thursday, July 27 – Beauty and Personal Care: Pamper yourself and receive $20 Walgreens Cash rewards when you spend $45 on beauty and personal care purchases.
  6. Friday, July 28 – Pickup Orders: Score $10 Walgreens Cash rewards when you spend $10 on Pickup orders made online or through the Walgreens mobile app.
  7. Saturday, July 29 – Deeper Bonus Rewards: On the final day of myW Days, in addition to the regular 25% back on all purchases, members will earn an extra 10% bonus Walgreens Cash rewards on all purchases.

Don’t miss out on the incredible savings and exclusive rewards during myW Days at Walgreens. As a myWalgreens member, you’ll have access to a week filled with amazing deals on various products, making shopping and saving more rewarding than ever. Whether you’re a regular shopper or just looking for coupon savings there’s something for everyone during this special event. Join myWalgreens today and get ready to make the most of myW Days from July 23 to July 29!

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