New Self Checkout Update at CVS – you can now select the extrabucks you want to use!

We have an exciting new update the CVS self checkout system that now allows you to select which extrabucks and purchase based coupons you would like to apply to your purchase. If you use coupons at CVS you know this is a major upgrade to the previous experience of not know if you were selecting the coupon you really wanted to use (that’s expiring first). Now we won’t have to constantly be prompted to scan our coupons when we are making our electronic selection. Thanks to save with Steph over on Instagram for sharing this photo!

And thanks to the Facebook coupon family member who shared the internal memo they received below that outlines this change. This says that the rollout was to occur 7/3 – 7/6 – so hopefully most stores have been updated at this time. Let me know if you’re liking the new update!