Walgreens Clearance Money Maker on Zarbee’s Children’s Products!

Buy 3 Zarbee’s Products, Get Back $10 Catalina (register reward) good on your next purchase.

I was able to get a serious money maker on Zarbee’s childrens products at Walgreens. I found select products on clearance as low as $1 each. When I purchased them in multiples of 3, I received a $10 Catalina coupon (RR) making them as high as a $7 money maker. I was able to use the money maker to purchase household items, like the Arm & Hammer detergent that is on sale for just $1.99 this week!

The Zarbee’s Catalina promotion is unadvertised, but through experience, I learned:

Purchase 2, get back $5 RR 
Purchase 3, get back $10 RR 

I did not attempt to purchase one product alone, to see if that would produce a RR. Please note that not all stores will have clearance products and some stores may not have tags up for the clearance price. If you see one of these products in your local store and it’s not marked – ask for a price check. This is an unadvertised promotion. Also, if your store’s catalina machine is not functioning – you may not receive a catalina. Make sure that the green light is on before you purchase. Here’s the receipt for one of my purchases:

These are some of the other products that were on clearance and that produced the RR:

CVS $.29 Hand Soap Clearance! Softsoap and JR Watkins Money Maker!

All of these scents and varieties are ringing out for $0.29 each!

Check your local CVS for this clearance on hand soap! The Softsoap and the JR Watkins was all unmarked in my local stores and still had the regular shelf price up. However when I scanned them at the price checker – they all scanned for just $0.29 each!

The JR Watkins soaps are also included in this clearance sale and they have an Ibotta rebate for $1.25 cash back – making each one you purchase a $0.96 Money Maker – with a limit of 5!

I was able to pick up 43 soaps (I shared with my cashiers) for only $6 after Ibotta. Join my Ibotta money saving team and start getting cash back today! You’ll get up to a $20 bonus: Just use my referral code “fqdrg” at registration. Sign up at → https://ibotta.onelink.me/iUfE/1005cd3f?friend_code=fqdrg